Our simple Clocking in system is easy to configure, learn and use. There aren't multiple screens you need to go in and out of. There aren't complex configurations in order to make it work, nor are there multiple format reports which you then have to try and interpret. Just a clean, easy to follow interface, giving you the simple information you need and when you need it. It is designed in such a way that it leads you to the data you are interested in. How many hours has each employee worked? Who was late? Which employees were absent? All in real time. No waiting around for data to download and catch up or running around trying to collect time sheets or clock cards.

Easy to Use Dashboard
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The main feature of our Simple Clocking system is its user friendly and intuitive dashboard.

Viewing the company as a whole of filtering down into departments the dashboard is there to guide you to any exceptions. Exceptions are breaches of an employee's working time, whether that be lateness, excess lunch break, missing clockings or absence. The dashboard guides you to these so you can quickly deal with them. No longer do you need to check every employee.

View and Edit Data
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Directly from the dashboard you can investigate an employees working time or absence.

View their clocking times, and record exceptions such as lateness, extended lunch breaks or absence.

See days where overtime is accrued and if needed approve it.

Enter employee leave such as holidays and sickness and keep track of their entitlements to prevent overbooking

Record Employee Details
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Store your employee details, such as name and contact details and use the custom area to record other details such as next of kin, or record when PPE or company equipment was issued. 

Use the multiple grouping options and assign staff to departments, teams or other groups such as payroll type, skill or first aider.

The system can cater for the very simplest to the most complex of working rules. Easily managing the most fluid of working arrangements whether staff times are fixed or flexible the system will calculate the hours you require or flag of something is wrong.

Simple Reporting
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Our Simple Clocking System comes with one of the easiest report generators to use.

Whether its working hours, overtime, absence or lateness you can have summary or daily reports ran in seconds.

No more adding up time sheets or working out premiums. Our reports give you the information you need.


As well as print you can Export or email Microsoft Excel and Adobe pdf formats as often as you require, when you require or even automate them.

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