All of our clocking in devices work in real time, meaning as soon as an employee registers their arrival or departure it is registered into the system. This gives you clear, and up to the minute information on employee attendance and absence.

You will see below that all of our devices are modern, look great, and being robust are suitable for any environment

Key Fob or Key Card Terminal

With a Proximity terminal employees simply present their key fob or card near to the terminal to register their start and finish times.

You can have the device configured that they simply present their fob and the terminal inserts either Arrival or Departure or you can apply specific buttons to the touch screen so employees can select what event they are registering. This is great for recording breaks, departures for business reasons or any other time employees should record time to. 

The sleek but robust design with colour screen sees it fit perfectly in any environment, whether that be factory or office.

Biometric - Fingerprint

Employees register a template on the device and each time they present their finger the terminal finds a match and registers their start or finish times. It works almost instantly meaning no delays or repeated attempts. 

In terms of employee data privacy no fingerprint is stored. The reader converts it into a template (code) and upon reading the finger again searches for a match. This ensures data security as no biometric data is stored

Mobile Clocking Terminal - MATT

The mobile clocking terminal is great for businesses who regularly have teams working away from the main area of business. 

Working via the internet and/or mobile signal this clocking device can move around with you as your business does yet still send all the data in real time to the main site

A great tool for the construction industry or for businesses in retail who have outlets over a wide area

Employee Mobile App

If you have employees who work remotely, away from the main site of business or in a lone working environment the Employee Mobile App is a great solution.

Employees can quickly register their start and finish times, or even appointment times through the app and the data is instantly sent back to the main site.

This is an excellent tool for engineers or people in the care sector who visit multiple locations

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