Permatek was formed with the sole intention of providing Employee Time Clocks and Time and Attendance systems configured to meet the exact requirements of our customers. We have solutions ranging from small, simple clocking methods to full, advanced workforce management systems.


Research shows that companies that use manual methods for recording and managing their employee working time are likely to incur an error rate of between 1 and 5% on their payroll costs.

All of our Time and Attendance packages include full installation as standard.

You can be assured of an expert, professional setup and training allowing you to start realising the benefits of your new system immediately.

With our in-house installation team completing the setup and configuration of your new clocking system for you, you will find you are up and running in no time at all.

We speak to many organisations who have tried the self installation route with a 'clocking system in a box' ordered via the internet.

A clocking system, no matter how simple your requirements is only good, or useful, if it is configured correctly for your needs.