We have a variety of clocking in methods to use with our simple clocking system. Each has specific benefits depending on your requirements and business. We have biometric, key fob, and mobile solutions all working in real time.

Sleek, robust and using the very latest technology, our clocking terminals are easy to set up and comfortable in a wide variety of industrial environments.

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Simple clocking systems don't need to be rigid, slow and 'sort of do the job'.

With our in-house and professional installation team you will be up and running with your new system in a very short space of time. Start enjoying automated working time and overtime calculations, holiday and absence management and incredibly easy reporting.  

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You may only be looking for a simple clocking system, but how that system is configured will determine just how easy to use it is. We take pride in getting to know our customers, and installation and configuring your new system is included. You may find incredibly cheap systems online, sent out in a box, with some brief instructions for you to setup the system. But if it isn't correctly configured from the start it will never be a simple clocking system and you will end up working hard to make it work for you.


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